Nucingen Haus

de Raúl Ruiz



Balzac has always inspired genre lovers, daring directors. On this occasion it’s the creator of Three Lives and Only One Death and Genealogies of a Crime who adapts the French writer in this vampire story. A Frenchman with a suggestive name, William Henry James III, recalls when he and his wife moved into a house in Chile that he’d won gambling in a card game. The mansion’s servants and inhabitants, all very peculiar in appearance and habits, give them a welcome loaded with suspicion. They soon start to behave rather oddly.


Raúl Ruiz

Chile, 1941. He studied law and theology in Argentina and later worked in Mexico, the United States, and went into exile in France following Pinochet’s coup. He has filmed over eighty movies. In Sitges he presented Ce jour-là (03) in competition.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Seven Chances
Original language: French, German, Spanish