Panique au Village (A town called Panic)

de Stéphane Aubier i Vincent Patar



Only in the overflowing imagination of a kid, an Indian and a cowboy could they give a horse that plays the piano a barbeque as a birthday gift, and only the passionate imagination of a couple of big kids could turn all this and more into an enchanting animated movie. They, the big kids, are a couple of Belgian filmmakers who have decided to bring the little plastic toy soldiers of their (our) childhood to life, inflate them with laughing gas, and make them the main characters of an action-packed adventure where we’ll travel across the tundra, discover a parallel universe below the ocean and wind up in the very center of the earth. An instant cult film.


Stéphane Aubier i Vincent Patar

They met as students at the École d´Arts Visuels in Brussels and their first collaboration, the series Pic Pic André Shoow (88), won them international fame. Panique au village, their first feature film, is based on a hit series of pieces created for television.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Official Fantàstic Panorama
Original language: French