• 04-10-2009
      • 18:15
      • Auditori Meliá Sitges
      • 93

The Hole 3D

de Joe Dante


The renovation of the 3D format is a reality that leaps from the screen and there’s no one better than Joe Dante to squeeze the most out of its new technology. The director of the unforgettable Gremlins, who already tried out the new system in the short film Haunted Lighthouse, now turns spectators into the direct protagonists of The Hole, making them part of a fantastic adventure accompanying three teens who have just discovered a black hole in the basement of their new home. Determined to investigate the mystery, Dane, Lucas, and their neighbor Julie will see their deepest fears and most terrible nightmares come true.


Joe Dante

An irrepressible fantastic genre craftsman, he began his career at Roger Corman’s factory with Piranha (76). His filmography also includes: The Howling (81), Gremlins (84) and Small Soldiers (98).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Focus 3D
Original language: English