Carriers (Infectados)

de Àlex i David Pastor



Rule number one: avoid populated areas at all costs; two: if you come into contact with other people, assume they have it. And so on up to five rules, established by two young brothers and their two female friends, who are on a road trip trying to reach an idyllic, remote spot where the virus that is devastating the United States can’t reach them. An apocalyptic film like The Time of the Wolf or The Happening, the debut of the Pastor Brothers obeys the rules (from one to five) of the genre, while creating new atmospheres. Threats at deserted golf courses, bodies in swimming pools and tragic decisions for one of the year’s most promising debuts.


Àlex i David Pastor

Born in Barcelona. Àlex studied at the ESCAC, specializing in screenwriting. His thesis short, La ruta natural (04) was highly successful at different festivals. In 2006 he shot his second short, Peacemaker. David studied film in the United States and debuted with the short Movie (Theater) Hero (02). Carriers is the first feature film for both of them.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Official Fantàstic Panorama
Original language: English