The Descent 2

de Jon Harris



Following its premiere, The descent instantly went on to become one of the great horror works of the new millennium. Its director, Neil Marshall, also the maker of the extremely famous Dog soldiers and member of the Sitges ‘09 Fantàstic jury, now passed the baton to his editor, John Harris, so that with a large part of the same technical and artistic crew (what’s left of them after the first part, obviously, although there are surprises), he could take charge of a sequel that reinforces that original. A dazed Sarah is forced to return to the mine again to face her own demons and, even worse, those terrifying creatures, blind but infinitely lethal, that left us all glued to our seats.



Jon Harris

A George A. Romero collaborator and composer of some of his scores, he has had a long career in television, a medium he’s worked in both as a director and a screenwriter. His big screen debut came with Tales From the Darkside: The Movie (90).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: SOFP - British Focus
Original language: English