The Road

de John Hillcoat


John Hillcoat had elegantly seduced the genre with the western The Proposition, with a screenplay by musical genius Nick Cave (who does the score to The Road). Now Hillcoat adapts Cormac McCarthy’s hit novel, ‘The Road’, to create a harsh, moving apocalyptic, film where ash rains from the sky and food has run very short. In a destroyed world, a father must do everything possible to protect his son during a difficult road trip. The film was shot in different parts of the United States, including post-Katrina New Orleans: landscape as fitting of science fiction as it is of westerns.


John Hillcoat

He studied at the Swinburne Film School in Australia, where he began to direct short films and music videos. His filmography includes Ghosts... Of the Civil Dead (88), The Proposition (05) and The Road (09).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Closing Film
Original language: English