Chaw (Chawoo)

de Shin Jung-won



Forced to transfer to Sameri, a small Korean town, policeman Kim had hoped to see his days roll by ticketing tractors and fishing in the lake. But no, the town is everything but peaceful and, as if that wasn’t enough, the upcoming farming fair is going to have an unexpected visitor: a giant boar. Despite a well-known scenario, the one from Jaws, and a required point of reference, Razorback, Chaw is far from being a simple ‘horror film with a monster”, adding an enormous dose of black comedy to the formula plus a palette of characters and situations verging on pure surrealism. Colossal entertainment combining tension, horror and roars of laughter.


Shin Jung-won

Of South Korean nationality, he has years of experience as a music video producer and has worked as art director on films like Sex Is Zero (02) and Romantic Assassin (03). His first film was the horror comedy To Catch a Virgin Ghost (04). Chaw is his second feature film.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Original language: Korean