Les yeux sans visage

de Georges Franju


After substituting one corpse with another, Doctor Genessier, a surgeon, manages to fake the death of his daughter, disfigured after a car accident. His next objective is to give her a new face. To do so, he asks his assistant to kidnap young women so he can remove their epidermis and graft it onto his daughter. Genessier tries it with a girl named Edna, but the police are investigating these disappearances and are soon hot on his trail. An everlasting memory in the retina of any good movie buff, Sitges is now proud to present a restored copy that returns its maximum splendor to this cardinal fantastique work.


Georges Franju


Fougères, 1912-Paris, 1987. He began to direct while founding the Cercle de Cinéma film club, the Cinématographe magazine and collaborating with the Cinémathèque française. The short film La sang des bêtes (48) relaunched his career, which continued with feature films like Judex (63), Thèrese Desqueyroux (62) or Thomas l’Imposteur (65).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Seven Chances
Original language: French