Symbol (Simboru)

de Hitoshi Matsumoto



Hitoshi Matsumoto, the popular Japanese comedian who dazzled us a couple of years ago with that hilarious and highly original mockumentary called Dainipponjin, now becomes the virtual and only star of Symbol, a new film that places him behind and in front of the camera and locks him up, dressed in loud, polka dot pajamas, in a spotless white room. Like in Dainipponjin, its eginning only serves to increase the approaching madness and it won’t be long before its claustrophobic stage wraps spectators up in the most surreal adventure. Another example of originality that will make him an even bigger legend.



Hitoshi Matsumoto

He debuted as an actor in 1982 as half of the comic duo Downtown. In 2007, he directed his first feature length, DaiNiponjin. It was followed by Symbol (09) and Scabbard Samurai (11), all screened in Sitges.

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
Original language: Japanese, Spanish, English, Russian