La terre de la folie

de Luc Moullet


Veteran director and critic Luc Moullet did an in-depth study of the behavior of the inhabitants of the Southern Alpsregion, where his family was originally from. The result of this observation is a documentary where Moullet investigates the tendency for insanity that occurs in this zone. The film combines interviews with relatives and locals with recaps of different events from the past. As usual in his cinema cine, Moullet appears in the film, endowed with a curious sense of humor that delves deeply into the strangeness of the characters and the situations it explains.


Luc Moullet

Paris, 1937. In the mid-fifties he began to write for the Cahiers du cinéma magazine. After making several short films he debuted in features with Brigitte et Brigitte (65). Other outstanding works are Anatomie d'un rapport (75) and La Comédie du travail (87, Jean Vigo Award).

Technical information

Edition: 2009
Section: Seven Chances
Original language: French