An alternative video zone offering gore, kitsch and underground screenings, and that’s committed to DVD as a format for promoting fantasy film in particular and cinephilia in general. Brigadoon also houses the festival’s main exhibitions as well as an area with stands offering the most fantastic products.



TORBELLINO DE HOSTIAS de Adrián Cardona (2009, España) 20´A sect, lead by Charles J. Murray, threatens the streets of Los Angeles with continuous criminal acts. Only one cop can restore order. His name: Torbellino.

UN CHICO RARO de Javier Camino (2009, España) 11´Toni, an introverted student, spends his days fantasizing and spying on his classmates. The only object of his desire is Natalia, a young girl who lives alone in an apartment. Toni has managed to get her number and goes about playing a joke on her.

BLOODY MIRRORS de Antonio Lorca (2009, España) 32´Sofía tells the legend of a man named Vicente, who was murdered in cold blood in the apartment she’s sharing now with three friends. If you repeat his name 3 times in front of a mirror he’ll return to take revenge on whoever dares to disturb his rest.

JOHANNE de Graciela de Torres Olson (2009, España) 10´A theoretic, cryptic, poetic piece, a metaphor on horror in literature, or the author’s sacrifice for the reader through his or her work.

EN EL VALLE DE LAS SOMBRAS de Andrés Ramos (2009, España) 11´Mental torture, remorse or simply the ghosts from the past of this story’s main character that have come to claim his debt...?

MÁQUINA de Rafa Dengra (2009, España) 22´A mysterious masked man watches the confrontation between organized crime and Máquina (Machine), the best hired killer he’s ever seen.

AUTOSTOP de James J. Wilson (2009, USA) 5´A female boxer picks up a girl who’s hitchhiking. Her car runs out of gas and on the radio there’s news about the dead attacking people.

ESTACIÓN DE CARRETERA de K. Prada & J. Prada (2009, España) 12´The country is shaken by a crime wave committed by Femme Fatale. Two cops reach the scene of the last crime perpetrated by this mysterious woman and, between the two, they try to clear up what’s happened. 

CONTAINER por Alan Masferrer y David Muñoz (2009, España) 11´Blas is immersed in his own garbage when, all of a sudden, his body warns him that something’s changing.

TABÚ de Pablo Muyor (2009, España) 12´Marta, a shy, repressed girl who lives with her grandparents in a somewhat gloomy house, wakes up with an intense hangover after a night of sex-related nightmares.

I WAS A TEENEGE FREDDY KRUEGER de J. Oscura (2009, España) 18´Fredy is a teen that lives in an old trailer with his parents and who suffers repeated hazing from his high school companions. What they can’t imagine in that Fredy hides a terrible secret...

SPACE MONSTER de J.O. Romero (2009, España) 18´Worms, monsters from outer space, zombies... Arnaldo Rolón, paranormal researcher, Eufrasio López, a courageous chef and Cecilia Flores, a daring reporter, live a terrifying night of persecutions and blood.

BARCELONA VENECIA de David Muñoz (2009,Italia) 5´A guy travels to Venice without realizing it.

NARAKA de Albert N. Romero (2008, España) 14´Sebastián was one of the most feared gangsters in town a long time ago. Now, having lost his memory, he drives a taxi at night while he tries to remember his past.

SWEET BLOOD de Julián Lara (2009, España) 9´Tired of living a life full of senseless crimes, a vampire decides to hire the services of a vampire-killer (Rafael Amargo) to finish her off. 

CLEO, A Girl Like A Mandolin de Albert Pons (2009, España) 15´A young woman, Cleo, get ready to go out and party and due to a series of events, she is transformed into a sort of 21st century martyr.

LA INVASIÓN DE LAS BABOSAS ASESINAS de Pablo Riquelme (2009, España) 18´Paula and Gabi are suddenly surprised by a frightened cop who is shooting nonstop. Something’s crawling after them... something’s following them... something’s devouring the entire town.


Oregon, USA, 1936. With his attractive, photogenic face, George Brown Randall always knew that the movie world was for him. What he could never imagine is that under the artistic name Jack Taylor, and despite his American nationality, he would wind up becoming one of the most popular actors in Spanish film and an icon of the fantastic genre.

A quick review of his career places its takeoff in Hollywood and television to go on to become a professional movie actor with several Mexican genre films shot at the orders of Federico Curiel. 1962 was the year that, thanks to his contacts with a theater company, he would wind up visiting Spain, the country where he would definitively move to and where he would round off a filmography of over eighty movies (not counting his many other TV productions) directed by Amando de Ossorio, Jesús Franco, León Klimowsky, Carlos Aured, Juan Piquer Simón and José Ramón Larraz, among many others.

He is still active today and has many projects for 2009; among them, stopping into Sitges to receive the Nosferatu Award, well deserved for his life work and his proven passion for fantasy and horror movies.

Select filmography: La Maldición de Nostradamus (Federico Curiel, 1959), Necronomicon (Jesús Franco, 1967), Count Dracula (Jesús Franco, 1969), Doctor Jekyll and the Werewolf (León Klimowsky, 1971), The Mummy’s Revenge (Carlos Aured, 1973), Journey to the Center of the Earth (Juan Piquer Simón, 1977), Pieces (Juan Piquer Simón, 1982), Conan the Barbarian (John Milius, 1982), Serpiente de mar (Amando de Ossorio, 1984), Rest in Pieces (José Ramón Larraz, 1987), The Ninth Gate (Roman Polanski, 1999)Screened movies: El Buque Maldito (Amando de Osorio, 1974); The Knight of the Sorcerers (Amando de Osorio, 1973)



Born in Valencia, Juan Piquer Simón continues to be a rarity in Spanish fantasy production. After years of experience in the documentary field and advertising, which allowed him to get to know the world of trick photography and special effects from up close, Piquer Simón decided to commit to a genre in 1977, that of adventures and fantasy, that no one had decided to explore until then. The result was Viaje al centro de la tierra (Journey to the Center of the Earth), an adaptation of the Jules Verne novel, that became a huge box office hit and channeled his career toward fantasy for all audiences, continuing with Supersonic Man (1979) and Mystery on Monster Island (1981). Mil gritos tiene la noche (Pieces, 1982), an effective American-style slasher that has little to envy its models, was distributed around the world and marked his entrance in horror movies, as well as Slugs (1987) and The Rift (1989), both filmed in English with a well cared for technical finish. Producer and special effects supervisor on several productions like Escalofrío (1978) or Más allá del Terror (1980), in the 90’s he returned to adventure films with a big-scale project that became La Isla del Diablo (1994), Manoa, la Ciudad de Oro (1997) and El Escarabajo de Oro (1999) but which, unfortunately, didn’t achieve the expected success. We want this tribute to serve to vindicate the figure of this filmmaker with an international vocation, a fantastic literature lover, who always swam against the tide.

Screened movies: Journey to the Center of the Earth (1977); Mystery on Monster Island (1981); Slugs (1988); The Rift (1990)


José Ramón Larraz, multidisciplinary like few others, combines his talent as a filmmaker with photography, painting and comics. Most of his production revolved around the horror genre, although it also covered other genres, from comedy to erotic cinema. Parallel to the Festival’s program, screening Vampyres (1974) within the other cycle ‘Els altres fantàstics’, Brigadoon joins in the retrospective with three productions by this filmmaker that offer a vision of his unique imaginary.

Screened movies: Symptoms (1974); El asesino del Hacha (1998); Rest in Pieces (1987)


The latest batch of independent productions. Almost hand crafted productions, small works of art that pave the way towards what will be the new genre cinema. ZUMBOTRON (2008, Domingo López)Domingo López directs this bizarre cinephilia piece, full of references, deferences and interferences plus

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