Mondo macabro: House (Hausu)

de Nobuhiko Obayashi


After her mother’s death, Angel must confront her father’s new relationship. To escape all these problems, she travels to her aunt’s house with some high school friends. There a very spacey night awaits them, with irascible pianos, busts that fly and bite and diabolic cats. House is like a film by an enormously talented Martian who has fortunately landed on the movie planet. Like an overhaul of House on Haunted Hill under the effects of LSD, its description requires making apparently irreconcilable concepts collide: naivety and terror, ghosts and psychodelia... To say it’s cult film is an understatement.


Nobuhiko Obayashi

Japan, 1938. Director, screenwriter, film editor and producer, he did a lot of work in the field of experimental cinema, advertising and television before shooting House. Other outstanding films: Exchange Students (82), The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (83) and Chizuko's Younger Sister (91).

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Mondo Macabro
Original language: Japanese