Golden Swallow (Jin Yanzi)

de Chang Cheh


Guided by a ruthless sense of justice, a sword master scatters bodies around ancient China, leaving a golden dart behind as his signature. A sign with which he hopes to attract his old companion Golden Swallow to his side once again. Planned to be the continuation of Come Drink with Me, Chang Cheh wound up taking the film to his ground to consolidate a characteristic style that established him as a milestone of wuxia during the Shaw Brothers' golden years. An everlasting classic where Cheng Pei-pei and Lo Lieh shined but it was Wang Yu who finally prevailed, representing the pure masculine essence of Chang Cheh's cinema.


Chang Cheh

1923-2002. One of the most prolific, unique and influential filmmakers in Hong Kong cinema, he was a screenwriter and movie critic before going on to put together a filmography that spanned 45 years and almost one hundred movies.Selected filmography: One-Armed Swordsman (67), Golden Swallow (68), Vengeance! (70), Boxer from Shantung (72), The Blood Brothers (73), Heroes Two (74), The Barve Archer (77), The Five Venoms (78), Shaolin Rescuers (79).

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Casa Àsia
Original language: Mandarin