Norwegian Ninja

de Thomas Cappelen Malling



If you thought you knew it all about the cold war, you were very wrong. With its openly retro aesthetics, a stepped-up taste for old school special effects and a fondness for eighties action movies (with James Bond in the lead), Norwegian Ninja turns history around and tells everything you wanted to know but weren't told about this period. We're in 1983, when a group of ninja spies discover that a coup is being plotted in times of peace. Explosions, gadgets and fighting between blond Nordics with horn-rimmed glasses liven up this amusing film that will delight genre lovers.


Thomas Cappelen Malling

Born in Kongsvinger, Norway. He began his career in the field of industrial communication and developing artistic projects. Author of a book on ninjutsu ('Ninjateknikk II: Usynlighet i Strid 1978 av Arne Treholt'), he now debuts with Norwegian Ninja.

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: Norwegian