Blood River

de Adam Mason


Watch out when you’re on the road, because you never know who you might run into. That’s something a man and his pregnant girlfriend should also bear in mind when they set out on a route called ‘blood river’. El bad guy in this movie is a hitchhiker who recites Bible verses, but... is he really the villain or is there something dark hidden behind the placid couple? Blood River achieves the impossible: to transmit claustrophobia in one of the most wide open spaces in the United States. This road movie marked by terror, it is tinged with warm, saturated colors burnt by the desert sun. Nothing is what is seems here except fear.


Adam Mason

A London Film School grad, he developed his professional career in the field of music videos and shorts before debuting with The 13th Sign (00). Broken (05) brought him his first international hit and he later continued his career with The Devil's Chair (06), Blood River (08) and Pig (10), all presented in Sitges.

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: English