In the Woods (Mesa Sto Dasos)

de Angelos Frantzis



Immersed in the woods, rocked by the murmur of the wind and the crackle of footsteps, three young people, a girl and two boys, become one with nature. There they give free rein to their sexuality, get to know joy and pain, and lick each other’s wounds. Shot using a photo camera’s video function, with no screenplay, free of all formal demands but with a great aesthetic sense, Greek filmmaker Angelos Frantzis joins his leads to give shape to an intense symphony of sensations and desires. A communion of the senses, devoid of all guiles, and that doesn’t shy away from explicit sex.


Angelos Frantzis

Greece, 1970. He studied cinema at the INSAS in Brussels and worked on various art projects and as a film critic. In The Woods is the third movie directed by him. Selected filmography: Polaroid (00), A Dog’s Dream (05).

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Noves visions - Discovery
Original language: Greek, English