La nit que va morir l'Elvis

de Oriol Ferrer


Aureli is a solitary, extremely sensitive man. His boundless imagination often transports him to other universes. Isolated from the world, Aureli sees how his environment is changing because of some building work going on around his house, a town-planning project promoted by a powerful financial group that moves in the sphere of extreme Catholicism. Its goal? To turn Montserrat Mountain into an exclusive reserve for white, upper class, believing families. Caught in the middle of this transformation, Aureli sees the frontier between the real and his imagination slowly fade away.


Oriol Ferrer

He has worked as assistant director for filmmakers like Vicente Aranda, Benito Zambrano, Adolfo Aristarain, Ventura Pons, Francesc Bellmunt or Cesc Gay. He's also directed different short films. His debut in feature-length was in 2002 with the TV-Movie Delta. La nit que va morir l'Elvis is his first feature film for cinema.

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Noves visions - Discovery
Original language: Catalan