It all starts with a Thanksgiving turkey, whose kidnapping by a terrorist group shocks public opinion.  This curious incident triggers a series of actions and brings to light 8th Wonderland, a virtual country searching for peace and harmony wherever conventional political groups only see conflicts. What the citizens of this new country don't know is that an impostor is threatening to destroy all the work they've done to date. Over ten languages, a thousand and one textures and invaluable irony when constructing its political discourse make 8th Wonderland a worthy successor of the dystopian 'Alan Moore-ish' universe.


Nicolas Alberny & Jean Mach

Mach is a screenwriter and filmmaker. Some of his most outstanding shorts are Rupture (98) and Vampire (99) and features Macadam Stories (00) and Par l’odeur alléché… (03). Alberny has made shorts like Pompes funèbres (01), Avis de tempête (02), or 100 précédents (05) and also works as a composer. 8th Wonderland is his first feature-length film.

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Noves visions - Discovery
Original language: English and others