de Miguel Ángel Vivas



Funny Games has reaped many great heirs, but few like Secuestrados. A wealthy family that's just moved into their new mansion is held up by three hooded men. Right when the criminals appear to have everything under control, one of its member's aggressiveness starts to cause blood to be shed. Miguel Ángel Vivas creates a suspense and violence filled movie, halfway between thriller and horror with realistic overtones. Made with just under ten sequence shots, Secuestrados grabs the spectator by the throat with a surprising and bloodcurdling opening scene and doesn't let go until the final whistle.


Miguel Ángel Vivas

Seville, 22 September, 1974. His first short film, El hombre del saco (02), picked up several awards. I’ll See You In My Dreams (03), a zombie short, grabbed the Silver Meliés for Best European Short Film, among other awards. He debuted in feature length in 2003 with Reflejos (03).

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: Spanish, Albanese