The Red Chapel (Det Rode kapel)

de Mads Brügger


The world cup in South Africa had an exceptional guest: The North Korean national team. The presence of their players and fans (who were actually Chinese) sparked great interest. Everyone wants to know more about one of the planet’s most unknown countries. The man chosen to penetrate this implacable dictatorship is the comedian Mads Brügger. This sort of Danish Borat travels to the land of the eternal Kim Il Sung with two other comedians (a spastic and a Korean who repudiates his origins) and one objective: with the excuse of putting on a vaudeville act, the troupe sarcastically shows North Korea’s power abuses.


Mads Brügger

Denmark, 1972. Journalist, TV host and writer. One of his most outstanding TV works is the show Danes for Bush (04), where he played a role between journalism and fiction following the former US president.

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Seven Chances
Original language: Danish and others