Evil in the Time of Heroes (To Kako Stin epohi Ton Iroon)

de Yorgos Noussias



Three days before, everything changed. A primordial force turned the population into bloodthirsty creatures. But this wasn't the first time. Over two millenniums ago, the situation was the same. Evil was overcome back then... Will we be able to overcome it now too? After lining the streets of Athens with a layer of rabid living dead in the memorable Evil, Yorgos Noussias now expands its universe with the hilarious Evil in the Time of Heroes, a sequel with more resources, more blood and, obviously, more zombies, that takes us from ancient Greece to present-day and includes a stellar appearance by a supernatural Billy Zane.


Yorgos Noussias

Born in Athens, Greece, in 1976, he studied filmmaking in the United Kingdom and directed shorts like Location Scouting (00). He debuted in feature-length with the horror comedy Evil (05). Evil in the Time of Heroes, a continuation of his previous movie, is his second feature-length film.

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: Greek