Just before kicking off a promo tour, the bass player from The Winners, a Canadian rock band, is turned into a vampire. The band leader isn't at all happy about her transformation, but it winds up giving them their passport to fame. If the storyline sounds like a vampire comedy to you, you're not mistaken; Suck is a vampire comedy... but one of the good ones. A movie where guitars thunder, fangs shine and laughter explodes, and that offers succulent roles to artists like Alice Cooper, Moby, Iggy Pop, Henry Rollins and Malcolm McDowell. To sink your fangs into to the bone.


Rob Stefaniuk

A Canadian national, he debuted as a director with the comedy Phil the Alien (04) and has worked as an actor in numerous TV shows and series. In Suck, his second feature film, he's the director, an actor, and screenwriter and, moreover, is the co-author of the music and lyrics to seven songs included in the film.

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Official Fantàstic Panorama Specials
Original language: English