Independent cinema and science fiction shake hands in Mars, a curious contribution from Geoff Marslett that could be defined as a minimalist and intimist version of Brian De Palma's movie Mission to Mars. Backed by the presence of Mark Duplass, one of the new gurus in young American auteur cinema, Marslett made an animated film with the rotoscoping technique that speaks more about personal relationships than exobiology and that proves that the science fiction genre can be a thematic framework that's as valid as any other to talk about people and everyday situations. An innovative romantic fantasy, conveyed like a graphic novel.


Geoff Marslett

An American director, he's a professor in the radio television film department at the University of Texas and his numerous shorts have travelled to festivals all over the world. Two of the most outstanding are Monkey vs. Robot (99) and Bubblecraft (06). In Mars, his first feature-length film, he was in charge of direction, production and animation and he also wrote the screenplay.

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Anima't
Original language: English