The first movie in the 'After Dark Originals' series, eight genre films directed by new worldwide fantastic cinema talents and produced by Courtney Solomon. In the middle of the vampire theme revival, Norwegian Patrick Syversen offers us a look at this myth that's both classic and innovative at the same time, far from the glamour set by films like those in the Twilight saga and definitely bloody in the broadest sense of the word. Solomon and Syversen know what the keys are to a well-conceived and manufactured B movie product, yet more evidence of the growth of Independent American production.


Patrick Syversen

An Oslo Film and TV Academy graduate, he's a producer, screenwriter and director. The creator of shorts like Limbo (05) and Elsewhere (07), he debuted on the big screen with the horror thriller Manhunt in 2008. Prowl is his second feature film and he's waiting to premiere Exteriors, an experimental drama he co-directed with Marie Kristiansen.

Technical information

Edition: 2010
Section: Official Fantàstic Panorama Specials
Original language: English