Brigadoon: Slasher, Troma & Spanish Explotation


15:00 Asian Trash CinemaSUPER METAL BEAUTY (2010, Japan). Toru Kikkawa. 66’. V.O.S.C.The new Asian Trash Cinema screening bring four films to Brigadoon from Zen Pictures, a prolific Japanese production company that combines concepts originally aimed at children’s audiences with martial arts, ultra-violence and  explicit sex.16:30 Estrena BrigadoonARKADIA (2010, Spain). Yolanda Torres. 80’. With the presence of Yolanda TorresIn a not so faraway land of fairies and fantastic creatures, a young woman struggles to remember… something obscure… something terrible… before it’s too late. She embarks on a journey, in search of her memories… and her wings. But only she has the key… to her past and her future. Arkadia... what being would tear the wings off a fairy?18:00 Estrena DocumentalTROMA IS SPANISH FOR TROMA (2010, Spain). Marc Gras. 70’. With the presence of Marc GrasTroma Is Spanish For Troma explains the influence Troma movies has had on the most bad-mannered Spanish underground cinema since the 80’s through interviews with its protagonists, including filmmakers, fanzine publishers of critics.19:30 Estrena BrigadoonEL HORROR DE LA DAMA DEL LAGO (2010, Spain). Diego Vázquez. 90’. With the presence of Diego VázquezIn the 19th century, an English couple arrives in an uninhabited Spanish village. There they find a castle ruled by a countess and her daughters plus a group of scientists who are trying to put an end to their reign of terror. A perverse, romantic tale where zombies, giant mantises and the fearful lady of the lake don’t take long to make their appearance.21:15 Estrena BrigadoonSLAUGHTERED (2009, Australia). Kate Glover. 75’. V.O.A serial killer is prepared to finish off the customers of remote Australian club. Jamie, the club’s waitress, has to figure out how to survive through the entire night…LAPSE (2010, Spain). Alberto Calveres and Xevi Polo. 13’A night of partying. there’s an anonymous chick on your couch. You barely remember anything and your girlfriend’s about to arrive… What would you do? Marcos has already done it…23:00 Spanish ExplotationOnce-in-a-lifetime double screening of the best Spanish exploitation cinema from the eighties, where everything has a place and is allowed: sex, violence, Nazis, bikers, criminals, vengeances, gore, hot chicks... From two national monsters: mythical producer, screenwriter and director Jaime Jesús Balcázar and filmmaker Javier Elorrieta.LOS VIOLADORES (1981, Spain, Swiss). Paul Grau. 80’A clash between Hal Martin (Robert O’Neil) and a group of Nazi bikers while he’s driving Stingray through Barcelona is the perfect excuse to offer us one of the most salvage, crazy and immoral Spanish films of all times.LA NOCHE DE LA IRA (1986, Spain) 1986. Javier Elorrieta. 90’A town, marked by a terrible incident that happened years ago, continues year after year with its particular procession as a sort of vengeance for the events that occurred. The arrival of a doctor, played by Patxi Andión, reveals the terrible secret, full of rage and violence.

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Section: Brigadoon
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