Brigadoon: Premi Brigadoon Paul Naschy, Mick Garris & Robert Englund


10:00 Estrena DocumentalNEVER SLEEP AGAIN: THE ELM STREET LEGACY (2010, USA). Andrew Kasch and Daniel Farrands. 240’. V.O.A necessary documentary for fans of the A Nightmare on Elm Street saga.15:00 Estrena BrigadoonPOLICROMÍA (2010, Spain). Pere Koniec. 45’. With the presence of Pere KoniecA story in three colors. A girl trapped on three levels. Green in the woods, red in her escape and a gray-colored reality for a family conflict. When mental escape is your only defense, salvation can only come through fiction.16:00 3XLPresentation of the series Doctor Who and Misfits. 120’Presentation and screening of the special episode “The Runaway Bride” from the long-loved cult series Doctor Who and the first episode of Misfits, a British series where five young misfits are turned into superheroes after a weird electrical storm.18:15 Estrena DocumentalSTRANGERS IN A STRANGE LAND: 50 GREEK MYSTERY & FANTASTIC MOVIES (2009, Grecia). Dimitris Panayiotatos. 92’. V.O.S.A.Four girls (Miss Thriller, Miss Noir, Miss Fantasy and Miss Sci-Fi), a parallel universe researcher, the gorgeous Angel and the director himself travel in time to bring the first documentary on Greek genre cinema before our eyes. A review that spans from the 50’s to present-day, transporting us through thriller, noir, fantastic and science fiction. Invaluable.20:00 Premi Brigadoon Paul Naschy - Primer PassiMARS PICNIC. CLAUSTRO FOBIA. DOLOROSA. LA HORA MISTERIOSA. …STAY. PERRO ROJO. JUAN CON MIEDO. VECINOS. LEYENDA. 108’22:30 Estrena BrigadoonVIOLENT SHIT 4.0 (2010, Germany). Andreas Schnaas and Timo Rose. 80’. V.O.Two of the most barbaric minds in German ultragore, Andreas Schnass and Timo Rose, join forces to offer us the fourth installment of the mythical Violent Shit saga: Violent Shit 4.0 - Karl The Butcher vs. Axe.

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Edition: 2010
Section: Brigadoon
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