Dark Souls (Mørke Sjeler)

de César Ducasse & Mathieu Peteul



While out jogging through the woods, Johanna is attacked by a psychopath armed with a drill. But despite the hole he makes in her skull, she doesn’t appear to have died. At least, not completely: Johanna returns home and sits down at her computer to write a desperate cry for help, as tears made of an oil-like black liquid roll down her cheeks. All over the city attacks are occurring one after another and soon, there are loads of autistic zombies decomposing in front of their families. And that’s just the beginning of this sarcastic, stylized horror movie with an ecological undertone.


César Ducasse & Mathieu Peteul

Born and educated in France, Ducasse and Peteul are the founders of the Addict Films production company, with which they have produced fiction, documentaries and video clips. With Mørke sjeler they have taken another step forward to unite their talent and creativity.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: Norwegian