The Woman

de Lucky Mckee



Christopher Cleek is a lawyer and a model family man whose virtues will be put to the test following his encounter with a wild woman who lives in the woods near his country house. Despite her violent attitude, Christopher tries to “teach her to behave properly”, risking the lives of his own family, who will soon discover exactly what is hidden behind this woman. With this brutal The Woman, Lucky Mckee and the controversial novelist Jack Ketchum are out to put the spectator’s endurance for the most extreme terror to the test. This is how the director puts it when stating his intentions: “it will scare the shit out of you”. You can say it louder (and more subtly) but not any clearer.


Lucky Mckee

A Festival regular and a key name in independent genre, in Sitges McKee has presented May (02), Red (08), The Woman (11) and All Cheerleaders Die (13), made together with Chris Sivertson.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: English