Hanezu (Hanezu No Tsuki)

de Naomi Kawase



Naomi Kawase has been swinging back and forth between the carnality of her documentaries and fictions that often flirt with fantasy. With her cinema, she’s been able to capture the world of ghosts. Something she already did in The Mourning Forest, and something she also pursues in Hanezu no tsuki, a film of amorous passions and boundless fantasy in Nara, the birthplace of Japan and of filmmaker Kawase. With the legend revolving around the three mountains of Unebi, Miminashi and Kagu as a backdrop, the movie tells the story of a love triangle: a universal story told with unusual poetics.


Naomi Kawase

Born in Nara, she graduated from the Osaka School of Photography. She began making 16 and 8 millimeter films. In 1997 she grabbed the Golden Camera Award for Suzaku; and with Shara (03), she dazzled the world. She has won a great many awards for her fictions and documentaries.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
Original language: Japanese