Isn’t it just a little unfair to think that a zombie’s only hankering is for devouring brains? To put an end to this clichéd vision, DeadHeads tells us the story of Mike and Brent, two guys that have recently been turned into zombies after getting attacked by the living dead. Mike finds an engagement ring in his pocket, and along with Brent they set out on a trip in search of his lost love. During their peripeteia they run into friends and (especially) enemies, but their main concern is trying to conceal their state of decay. A full-fledged zombedy, full of friendship, romance... and entrails.


Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce

If as a boy, you see your father working day after day on the FX of a movie called The Evil Dead (81), it’s likely that you’ll wind up working on horror movies for a living. And that’s exactly the case with the Pierce brothers who, after carving out a résumé for themselves as animators and FX technicians, now debut in feature-length with DeadHeads.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: English