We’ve all been through the annoyance of turning on the faucet and seeing not a single drop of water come out. Let’s take that feeling and drag it out over time for days, weeks, months... years. Marie, her boyfriend Philip and her sister Leonie are three survivors in a dry world, who decide to head for the mountains after a promise that they’ll be able to find water there. On their way they run into Tom, a mechanic who’s as skillful as he is taciturn, and who will trigger off mistrust and tension in the heart of the group. Roland Emmerich backs this post-apocalyptic thriller, whose images presage the barbarism of a society that only believes in survival.


Tim Fehlbaum

He was born in Basel and studied at the University of Television and Film Munich. As part of his training he directed his first short films. His debut feature film was Hell (2011). Tides, his most recent film, was produced by Roland Emmerich.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Official Fantàstic Competition
Original language: German