The Bengali Detective

de Phil Cox


In a city like Kolkata, with 15 million inhabitants, there are thousands of unsolved cases. The citizens’ mistrust towards the police gives rise to a new phenomenon: the private detective boom. The Bengali Detective follows Rajesh and his team through cases ranging from adultery to murder, revealing the personal matters of Hindu society and painting an atypical picture of a profession that Hollywood dressed in glamour and that appears here in its most domestic aspect, with detectives who dream of winning dance contests and who have to brave difficult family situations. As funny as it is moving, this documentary is destined to take audiences by storm wherever it goes.


Phil Cox

In 1998 he created the Native Voice Films production company along with his brother. He’s spent the last decade directing and producing documentaries around the world and working as a freelance cameraman. With The Bengali Detective he has received praise at festivals like Sundance or Berlin.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Noves Visions - No Ficció
Original language: English and others