4:44 Last Day On Earth

de Abel Ferrara


The world is going to end several times at this year’s Sitges Festival. Abel Ferrara does his post-apocalyptic theme bit with an intimate film, revolving around a New York couple –she’s a painter, he’s an actor– who spend their last hours together before the Earth ceases to exist at four forty-four in the afternoon. What to do with the time you have left? Say goodbye to loved ones, argue, make love... With 4:44 Last Day on Earth Ferrara stamps his signature on this beautiful camera piece that delves deep into one of his favorite themes, spiritual crisis, and that also rises up as a heartfelt tribute to the city of New York on the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 bombings.


Abel Ferrara

New York, 1951. Owner of a cult filmography where base passions shake hands with deep existential questions. King of New York (90), Bad Lieutenant (92) and The Funeral (96) are just a few of his best-known movies. In 2009 he received the Time Machine Award in Sitges.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
Original language: English