Tormented (3D) (Rabitto horâ)

de Takashi Shimizu


It’s just one of those things about 3D: you’re sitting quietly in your seat at the movies and suddenly a stuffed rabbit appears flying towards you. That’s what happens to a boy who, absorbed in a family drama, sees everything around him become even more nightmarish when this stuffed animal fully enters his life. His father, halfway between insanity and depression, and his sister, who has stopped talking, will also wind up immersed in this frenzied journey. There’s just something about rabbits: they’re absolutely terrifying (a lesson learned from David Lynch and from Donnie Darko), and even more so if it’s under the direction of Takashi Shimizu and with cinematography by Christopher Doyle.


Takashi Shimizu

The different episodes of The Grudge (02) made him one of the big names in J-Horror. He also directed films like Marebito (04) and Tormented (11).

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Official Fantàstic Panorama - Casa Asia
Original language: Japanese