Revenge A Love Story (Fuk Sau Che Chi Sei )

de Wong Ching-po


From the producers of Dream Home now comes another example of social critique driven by extreme violence. Kit is a dangerous killer who has no compassion whatsoever when it comes to killing cops (and even their wives). His blind fury against law enforcement agencies finds its origin in the fact that a policeman raped his girlfriend, awakening a beast that won’t be easily tamed. Pop star Juno Mak persuasively stars in this movie that emerged from an original idea of his, and that revolves around the moral degradation that all vengeance entails and that associates the actor with a master of thrillers like Wong Ching-po.


Wong Ching-po

Hong Kong, 1973. In 2003 his debut film, Fu bo, successfully traveled around dozens of international festivals. His next movie, Jiang hu (04), smashed Hong Kong box office records, becoming one of the season’s huge sensations in the country.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Official Fantàstic Panorama - Casa Asia
Original language: Cantonese