The Victim

de Michael Biehn



Annie and Mary’s intention was to simply get away for the weekend, but their run-in with two corrupt cops complicates their lives a little. Annie manages to get away from her assailants and after wandering around lost in the woods, she runs into Kyle, an unsociable man who lives in a cabin isolated from the rest of the world. Despite his initial reticence, he winds up helping the woman and later fighting for his own life. The charismatic Michael Biehn masterfully directs this bloody psychological thriller, which tenses suspense to heart-stopping limits and leaves spectators doubting their faith in humanity.


Michael Biehn

Anniston, 1956. An iconic actor in the eighties thanks to his collaborations with James Cameron –The Terminator (84), Aliens (86), The Abyss (89)–, in 2010 he debuted in directing with The Blood Bond –co-directed with Antony Szeto–. The Victim is the first movie he’s directed on his own.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Midnight X-Treme
Original language: English