de Marco Weber



Chloe is an extremely gorgeous young woman but who has a disturbing, almost malicious quality. Following her parent’s divorce she moves from New York to Malibu, where she moves in with her mother. There she’ll meet Nick and Jason, two friends that are into surfing with whom she’ll strike up an ambivalent friendship The arrival of the beautiful and candid Hillary will add a final and definitive piece to the group. Chloe has fun manipulating and tempting them with a walk on the wild side, until bordering on the limits of crime... A thriller where adolescence will show us all its convulsive and dangerous irrationality. A movie where the most angelical face can hide Machiavellian shadows.


Marco Weber

German by birth, he worked in a factory until he was 24. He began his career as a producer in the advertising and documentary field. Following his prolific leap to Hollywood in the mid nineties, he now debuts as a director with Leashed.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Noves visions - Discovery
Original language: English