Dernière séance (Last Screening)

de Laurent Achard


There is no passion more dangerous than cinephilia. If you’re not sure about that, take a look at Sylvain, a young box-office clerk at an old arthouse movie theater that’s about to close down and who spends his free time paying off his debts with women by silently stabbing them to death. Few times has the vivid, colorful poster from Tati´s Playtime seemed so gloomy. Director Laurent Achard takes movie buff references to the cold, terrifying universe of a serial killer. A well-measured image, markedly retro aesthetics and a categorical command of tempos garnish this bloody flick.


Laurent Achard

Born in 1964. He debuted with the short film Qu’en savent les morts? (92) and in feature-length with Plus qu’hier, moins que demain (04). With Le Dernier des fous (06) he picked up the Jean Vigo award and his name was then marked in red as one of the great hopes of French genre movies.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Noves Visions - Ficció
Original language: French