Midnight Son

de Scott Leberecht



In the 21st century vampire stories are marked by a bloody sense of realism. That’s the way you can read it in Vampire, by Japanese Shunji Iwai. And that’s the way you can read it in Midnight Son, by the debut director with a veteran’s pulse, Scott Leberecht. Jacob is a young man who lives isolated from the world, who avoids exposing himself to sunlight because of a skin malformation and who drinks blood to alleviate the damage caused by his disease. When he falls in love with Mary, his world will change. His violent impulses will grow in crescendo, while the local police consider him the main suspect in a series of killings.


Scott Leberecht

Born, raised and studied in Cincinnati, Ohio. When he was twenty-four he went to work for George Lucas’s Industrial Light & Magic. He studied at the American Film Institute, where he made six short films.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Noves Visions - Dark Ficció
Original language: English