The Caller

de Matthew Parkhill



Mary Kee has just moved to her new house following a somewhat traumatic divorce, and in it she finds a small object that draws her attention: a beautiful antique telephone. One day, Mary receives a call from a Rose somebody and, despite her initial surprise, she winds up establishing a kind of telephonic friendship. Until the day that Rose claims she’s calling from the past. Alarmed by this ludicrous idea, Mary tries to break off all contact with Rose, but the woman isn’t willing to disappear from her life so easily... A disturbing suspense film with a cast full of familiar faces and a soundtrack by the British group UNKLE.


Matthew Parkhill

A History graduate at Cambridge, Parkhill published his first novel, “And I Love Them Madly”, in 1995. He directed his debut film, Dot the I, in 2003. He has already prepared the screenplay for a sequel to The Caller, and is working on one for the biopic on rugby player Gareth Thomas that will be starring Mickey Rourke.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Official Fantàstic Panorama
Original language: English