Le Moine (The Monk)

de Dominik Moll


Spain, 17th century. As a capuchin monk, Ambrosio has devoted his life to serving the Lord. As admired for his fervor as he is feared for the intransigence he shows in his sermons, no one doubts his devotion and unbreakable morale. At least until the arrival of a maiden disturbs him indescribably. Is the Devil himself behind this temptation or is it the manifestation of Ambrosio’s own inner demons? Published in 1796, “The Monk” is considered one of the high points of gothic literature, and won Matthew G. Lewis fiery accusations on immorality. Now, Dominik Moll and Vincent Cassel are in charge of transporting its dark essence to the screen.


Dominik Moll

Debuted with the short film Le gynécologue et sa secrétaire (87). In 1994 he made his first feature-length, Intimité, followed by the celebrated Harry, He’s Here to Help (00) and Lemming (05). With Gilles Marchan he wrote Black Heaven, seen at Sitges'10.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Special Session
Original language: French