Trigun: Badlands Rumble

de Satoshi Nishimura


The rumor spreads across the dessert that the legendary outlaw Gasback plans to make his next heist in Macca City. Faced with this alarming news, mayor Kepler offers a 300 million dollar reward for his head, bringing together a veritable army of bounty hunters to defend his city. When Meryl and Milly arrive there to sort out some issues, they will discover that the situation is even more serious than they thought. Based on the big hit Satoshi Nishimura manga, Trigun: Badlands Rumble is somewhere between a futuristic western, science fiction and the spectacularity of anime.


Satoshi Nishimura

He’s worked in anime doing jobs from making storyboards to conceiving mechanical designs and from assistant director to debuting as a director with the animated series Trigun (98). He would soon direct another great, highly successful series called Hajime no Ippo (00).

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Anima't
Original language: Japanese