Boys and girls of Sitges, mothers and fathers, lovers of animation and cinema in general: here you have a true gem, an unequaled treasure. It is the two hundredth anniversary of  Chopin´s birth and a group of filmmakers linked to animation join in the celebration with this precious jewel in motion. The project began with The Flying Machine, a film that´s halfway between animation and real image, which includes the short Magic Piano. In conjunction, fourteen other shorts were made, grouped together under the title World of Flying Machine, 100% animated and in 3D. From Sitges we offer you a selection, a small festival of animated imagination.


Dorota Kobiela, Paul Bolger, Leevi Lemmetty, Marc Reisbig, Adam Wyrwas

Kobiela studied cinema and art in Warsaw, has directed several shorts and the feature-length film The Flying Machine. Lemmetty has worked as a graphic designer and 3D animator. Bolger has works abundantly in the field of animation. Reisberg studied graphic design and got his master´s degree in animation in London. Wyrwas is a Polish animator.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Sitges Family
Original language: without dialogue