El Callejón

de Antonio Trashorras


On a winter night in a coastal town, Rosa is forced to do her laundry at a self-service Laundromat located on a dark and deserted alley. There the young woman is taken by surprise and harassed by a serial killer. Isolated and unable to escape from the Laundromat’s limited space, Rosa finds herself immersed in the sadistic game of cat and mouse the psychopath will subject her to. Minimal genre elements become the backbone of El callejón, a distillation of horror in its purest state with which Antonio Trashorras shows that he’s learned the lessons of slasher artisans, while not forgetting a few drops of cheekiness that would make Jesús Franco himself smile.


Antonio Trashorras

Madrid, 1969. A professional in the audiovisual sector since the early nineties, he was the screenwriter on The Devil’s Backbone and Agnosia. He presented his feature length debut, Blind Alley at Sitges 2011.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Official Fantàstic Panorama
Original language: Spanish