BRIGADOON 09 OCT: Luigi Cozzi, Premi Brigadoon Paul Naschy & Malditos sean!!!


13:00 Premi Nosferatu. Il vicino de casa (1973, Luigi Cozzi) 56’ V.O.S.A.A couple and their newborn baby move to a remote house facing the sea. Their problems start when they meet their new neighbor.

14:00 Spanish Explotation. El comisario G... (El caso del cabaret) (1974, Fernando Merino) 95’A series of killings, revolving around an extinct cabaret, alerts the police. An interesting approach to giallo by Fernando Merino, brother of famous filmmaker José Luis Merino.

16:00 Presentació Projecte Kifund. 45’

17:00 Estrena Documental. Roma Fantastica (2010, Luigi Cozzi) 60’ V.O.S.A.A documentary that reviews the golden age of Italian fantastic and horror cinema, over the decades of the sixties, seventies and eighties, by filmmaker Luigi Cozzi.Amb la presència de Luigi Cozzi.

18:30 Presentació Premi TAC 2011. 45’

19:30 Sessió Especial Curtmetratges ESCAC. 60’Corte, Guía de supervivencia estudiantil, Alto sauce, La cuerda.Amb la presencia dels realitzadors.

21:00 Premi Brigadoon Paul Naschy—Segon passi. 56’

70 m2, Miguel A. CarmonaJubilant, Iván is headed to see his girlfriend to ask her to marry him, but a series of unfortunate coincidences sends him into a loop of catastrophic events that seem to be unending.

El espectador, Ramón ChorquesA young film buff gets ready to enjoy a pleasant movie night, but the weird film he’s rented triggers an unexpected situation.

Hojas, Pablo OlmosA peaceful walk through the woods...

New order, Josué RamosNot just fiction.

Sonia, Guillermo RuizSomething horrible is happening in a strange place, where not everything is what it seems.

Versus, Javier LozanoLoneliness, illness, chance, Versus revolves around all that, the hunter that becomes the hunted, the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Under the arpron, Theo PrasidisA young woman is about to enter the woods...

23:00 Estrena Brigadoon. Malditos sean!!! (2011, Fabian Forte & Demian Rugna) 120’A sinister healer curses several people, leading them to live horrifying experiences throughout different stories.Amb la presencia de Demian Rugna.

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Edition: 2011
Section: Brigadoon
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