BRIGADOON 10 OCT: Apocalypse, virus et zombie, Los muertos, la carne y el Diablo & Love camp 7


15:00 Asian Trash Cinema. Satan’s slave (1982, Sisworo Gautama Putra) 90’ V.O.S.AFollowing the mother’s death, an entire family loses its faith in the Muslim religion. The forces of evil make the most of the situation and commence possessions, poltergeist and killings. Indonesian adaptation of Don Coscarelli’s film, Phantasma.

17:00 Brigadoon-Inteligencia artificial. The earth dies screaming (1964, Terence Fisher) 62’A space pilot returns to Earth following a trip to discover that the planet has been devastated by some unknown force. With the help of a few survivors, they get organized to prevent it from falling under the control of a group of killer robots.

18:15 Estrena Documental. Cinémas d’horrour: Apocalypse, virus et zombie (2011, Luc Lagier) 52’ V.O.S.A.Alexandre Aja, Neil Marshall, Eli Roth, Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza review the present worldwide horror movie scene.

19:30 Estrena Brigadoon. Mr. Bricks: A heavy metal murder musical (2010, Travis Campbell) 76’ V.O.A bloody musical full of lust and vengeance that blends the best of GG Allin with the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A powerful movie from the people at Troma.

21:00 Els altres fantàstics. Los muertos, la carne y el diablo (1973, José María Oliveira) 90’Juan Ardenas, a writer with strong Christian convictions, is in a relationship with Luisa. One day she is murdered. Meanwhile, Juan must take refuge in a convent where he hears the legend of Brother Elías, a monk who was transported one night to the world of the dead. Soon afterwards, a mysterious monk appears in Juan’s room ordering him to go with him to the spirit kingdom...

23:00 I love the video nasties list! Love camp 7 (1969, Lee Frost) 96’ V.O.Two women, secret intelligence service agents, infiltrate a nazi concentration camp looking for information.

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Edition: 2011
Section: Brigadoon
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