BRIGADOON 12 OCT: On vampires and other Symptons, Baby shower, Last caress & Mondo Macabro


12:00 Sessió Especial The Twilight Zone. 120’

14:15 Estrena Brigadoon. Some guy who kills people (2010, Jack Perez) 97’ V.O.Ken Boyd, a lonely man who has recently been released from a psychiatric hospital, returns to his small hometown to kill those he considers to be responsible for his miserable life.Amb la presència del equip.

16:00 Presentació Catàleg de la editorial especialitzada en gènere negre y terror 23 Escalones. 45’Amb la presència dels autors.

17:00 Estrena Brigadoon. Offspring (2009, Andrew Van den Houten) 100’ V.O.S.C.Amb la presència del guionista Jack Ketchum i la actriu Pollyanna McIntosh.

19:00 Estrena Documental. On Vampyres and other Symptons (2011, Celia Novis) 74’“Last night I dreamed he’d returned. I have a feeling that something is about to happen”. The latest horror screenplay being written by José Ramón Larraz (83 years old), along with some moments from his films, immerse us in his oneiric, mysterious world, revealing that he fits into his own fictions.Amb la presència de Celia Novis.

20:30 Estrena Brigadoon. Baby shower (2010, Pablo Illanes) 91’It’s a weekend of celebration. But someone has other plans for Angela and her girlfriends... The Union of Universal Knowledge’s is to blame.Amb la presència de Pablo Illanes.

22:30 Estrena Brigadoon. Last caress (2011, François Gaillard & Christophe Robin) 90’ V.O.S.A.A group of five youngsters decide to spend a weekend together. Once they’ve settled in, they’ll have to face a sadistic killer. A film that recalls Torso as a tribute.Amb la presència de François Gaillard.

00:20 Mondo Macabro. Thai Zombie Dragon (1994, Prapon Petch-In) 95’ V.O.S.C.An expedition searching for an ancestor’s tomb and some gangsters who want to invoke the spirit of their dead boss, join forces when the people they were looking for are accidentally converted into living dead. Only muay thai can stop them. A stunning movie from the creators of Ong-Bak and Thai Dragon.

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Edition: 2011
Section: Brigadoon
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