BRIGADOON 13 OCT: Asian Trash Cinema, The orphan killer & La masque de la Méduse


15:00 Asian Trash Cinema. Bollywood Evil Dead (2008, Salim Raza) 99’This non-authorized remake of The Evil Dead faithfully recreates Sam Raimi’s film but with songs and loose eroticism. It is a cult movie that has premiered again this year in India with new scenes and songs.

17:00  Estrena Brigadoon. The orphan killer (2011, Matt Farnsworth) 82’ V.O.S.C.Two young brothers, separated when they were little after witnessing their parent’s death, meet up again years later and he, now a bloodthirsty killer... The slasher comes back brutally and with no concessions.

18:45  Sessió Especial. The thing from another world (1951, Christian Nyby) 79’A group of military men working at a base in the Antarctic goes to investigate the nearby falling of an unidentified flying object. The expedition discovers that it’s a space ship; inside they find its frozen pilot and they take it back to a scientific facility. The military men want to destroy it, the scientists want to protect and study it.

20:15 Homenatge a Jean Rollin. Les raisons de la mort (1978, Jean Rollin) 90’ V.O.S.A.Contamination, caused by a pesticide, starts to cause a series of problems in the inhabitants of a village.

22:00 Estrena Brigadoon. La masque de la Méduse (2010, Jean Rollin). 74’ V.O.Medusa has lost her memory, victim of a spell. From this point on, she wanders around the places she starts to remember until reaching the Grand Guignol Theater. Final film by the deceased French director Jean Rollin.

23:30 Asian Trash Cinema. Kung Fu Magic (1986, Lee Tso-Nam) 90’A conspiracy to take over the souls of the dead and achieve absolute power threatens a school of magic. A few students will face wizards, zombies, karate experts and aliens to try and stop them.

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Edition: 2011
Section: Brigadoon
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