BRIGADOON 14 OCT: Bong of the dead, Eaters, Morituris & The neighbour zombie


14:00 Estrena Brigadoon. Bong of the dead (2011, Thomas Newman) 98’ V.O.A meteorite from outer space hits Earth, turning a large number of its inhabitants into zombies. Tommy and Edwin, survivors and potheads, will be in charge of taking on the horde in this zany action comedy.

16:00 Presentació de la Fotonovela Desperate Deadwife. 45’

17:00 Estrena Brigadoon. Eaters (2010, Marco Ristori, Luca Boni) 91’ V.O.S.A.The world, devastated by a great epidemic, is governed by hordes of living dead. A group of three people will try to find an answer to what has happened.Amb la presencia de Marco Ristori i Luca Boni.

19:00 Presentació Hades-Nebula, Zombies Made in Spain, de Ediciones Minotauro. 45’Amb la presència dels autors.

20:00 Presentació Terror del Siglo XXI. Dolmen Editorial. 45’Amb la presència dels autors.

21:00 Estrena Brigadoon. Morituris (2011, Raffaele Picchio) 80’ V.O.S.A.When blood starts to flow, the ancient gladiators of the Roman Empire may rebel again. Murders and violence will awake these ancient demons of war from their tombs.Amb la presència de Raffaele Picchio.

23:00 Estrena Brigadoon. The unleashed (2011, Manuel H. da Silva) 90’ V.O.Amb la presència del equip.

00:45 CineAsia. The neighbour zombie (2009, Oh Young-doo) 89’ V.O.S.C.Seoul is ravaged by a terrible epidemic (originating from an ecological disaster) that turns its inhabitants into zombies. Through six different stories we approach the zombie universe: the story of a woman who takes care of her zombie mother, the romance between a young woman and her boyfriend who is slowly turning into a zombie, etc.

Technical information

Edition: 2011
Section: Brigadoon
Original language: