BRIGADOON 15 OCT: El misteri de Fassman, Jean Rollin, Cop models, mission: Turbozombies, Thrist


13:00 Homenatge a Jean Rollin. La nuit des horloges (2007, Jean Rollin) 92’ V.O.A work of reflection and introspection, revolving around the French filmmaker’s work, full of explicit references and elements that have accompanied him in all his films.

15:00 FIB Cortos. Il garibaldi sensa barba, Pionner, Los 4 mcnifikos, L’accordeur, Animal beatbox. 60’

16:30 Estrena Documental. El misteri de Fassman (2011, Sebastián D’Arbó) 90’A journey through the life of professor Fassman and his profession as a hypnotist. He came from a remote village in the Pyrenees, joined the circus world, passed through different theatrical shows, participated in cinema and television to finally become the best Spanish hypnotist in history.Amb la presència de Sebastián D’Arbó.

18:30 Estrena Documental. Jean Rollin, le rêveur égaré (2011, Damien Dupont & Yvan Pierre-Kaiser) 75’ V.O.S.A.A look at the career of the legendary French filmmaker Jean Rollin. Ignored by French critics, adored by foreign fans, he achieved cult status. The portrait of a true artist, the last surrealist, a poet who created his own dream world. A tribute to a unique director, with testimonies from his closest collaborators.Amb la presentació de Pete Tombs.

20:30 Estrena Brigadoon. Cop models, mission: Turbozombies (2011, Adrián Cardona) 90’The Cop Models are half police, half models, adored by masses, trained to combat crime in the streets and show off their bodies on the catwalks. They face a difficult mission: Turbozombies.Amb la presència de Adrián Cardona.

22:30 CineAsia. Thrist (2009, Pan Chan-wook) 133’Thirst, tells the story of Shan-hyun, a Catholic priest who devotes his time to helping the sick at a hospital. Upright and kindhearted, he decides to travel to Africa and offer his body to science so they can use it to research a new vaccine. Unfortunately the side effects caused by the vaccine are immediate and unexpected: the good priest becomes a bloodthirsty vampire.Sorteig del DVD de la pel.lícula.

01:00 Japan Madness. Erotibot (2011, Naoyuki Tomomatsu) 73’ V.O.S.C.A young woman has three robots created in the image and likeness of her man to serve her. One of them starts to have feeling for his owner, but it’s his robotic that deflowers her. But soon he’ll show his courage in a bloody

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Edition: 2011
Section: Brigadoon
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